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John Allen Nelson

John Allen Nelson is an actor best known for his role in the sword-and-sorcery Deathstalker III film, along with the famous cult sci-fi flick Killer…

Monique Gabrielle

Monique Gabrielle is an actress and cult movie star who appeared in several B-movies like Deathstalker II, and has since become a cult movie icon….

Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smith is a film director born in London, England in 1946. He is most famous for his multiple Australian films in the 1970s and…

Mitch Cohen

Mitch Cohen (also credited as Mitchell Cohen) is an actor best known for his roles in such b-movie cult classics as The Toxic Avenger (1984),…

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Top 5 Scream Queens of the 1980s

Scream queens: the term comes from the 1950s and before, when movies like the Universal Monster pictures cast beautiful women who were slightly one-dimensional and lacked significant depth, but screamed loudly and served as the impetus for introducing horror into the film. A fixture of horror films, as movies changed…

Top 10 B-Movies Of The 1990s

Although it seems like most cult classic B-movies come from the 1980s or 1970s, when filmmaking finally came into reach of younger directors with lower budgets, there are a lot of films in the 1990s that are equally as – bad good? The 70’s and 80’s were, in large part,…

Mark of Death (2017)

After seeing some amazing interest in producer/director Matt Spease’s Then The Night Comes, Stu and I decided we needed to review another one of Dark Night Film’s recent movies, Mark of Death. The latest sequel to his Evil On Queen Street series of films, a lengthy series of movies which…

Then The Night Comes (2018)

I’ve seen a lot of low-budget films. Late-night binges on direct-to-video finds. Countless backwoods film festivals. Student films made on shoestring budgets in back alleys in Hollywood during film school.  Usually, these films lack a lot. They lack polished story, compelling characters, originality, or simply aren’t very self-aware.  Then The…

Cult Classic Mania – a new cult movie podcast

Our post this week comes from Cult Classic Mania, a cult movie podcast dedicated to low-budget films for B-movie fans. Visit Cult Classic Mania’s Facebook page to keep up with new updates (a new episode every Monday!). Now in it’s fourth episode, you can listen to Cult Classic Mania on…

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