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Felissa Rose

The actress Felissa Rose was born on May 23th, 1969 in New York City. She became known for her appearances in cult horror films and specifically Sleepaway Camp. Felissa Rose Biography Felissa first appeared in the cult horror film Sleepaway Camp in 1983. After this, she quit acting in order to study at NYU. She disappeared… read more »

Barbi Benton

The actress Barbi Benton (born Barbi Klein) was born on January 28th, 1950 in New York City. Biography Benton was born in New York City in 1950 to wealthy parents, her father a doctor and her mother working in finance. She grew up in California, and began modeling in high school. She attended UCLA, and… read more »

Barbara Crampton

The actress Barbara Crampton was born on December 27th, 1958 on Long Island, New York. She grew up in the American Northeast, traveling with her father who was a carny with traveling fairs. Crampton studied theater in college, and then moved to Los Angeles. She started appearing in various films in the early 1980s. Among… read more »

LeeAnne Baker

The actress LeeAnne Baker was born on April 27th, 1966 in New York City. She is known for her low-budget independent film roles filmed in New York. Biography Baker studied acting at NYU in New York, and began starring in B-movies from directors like Tim Kincaid. She had a leading roles in movies like Breeders… read more »

Savina Gersak

The actress Savina Gersak was born on January 1st, 1963 in Yugoslavia. Her film career began in 1982 with the film Smrt gospodina Goluze, as Anka. She appeared in many Yugoslav films throughout the 1980s. She moved to Italy and began appearing in Italian films, with her last film being released around 1991. Savina became… read more »

Cyrielle Clair

The actress Cyrielle Clair was born on December 1st, 1955 in Paris, France. She started her film and television acting career in 1978. She appeared alongside Miles O’Keeffe and Sean Connery in the fantasy film Sword of the Valiant in 1984. She still acts and appears in films. Filmography Le Professionnel (1981) as Alice Ancelin La… read more »

Sabrina Siani

Sabrina Siani (also known as Sabrina Sellers or Sabrina Syan) is an Italian actress born in Rome, Italy in 1963. She starred in many Italian movies in the 1980s, most famous for her appearances in sword-and-sorcery films. Biography Sabrina was born in Rome in 1963. She began acting in films as a teenager in 1980…. read more »

Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Ann Young is an actress born on March 8th, 1978. She starred in a series of B-movie films in the 1990s from Troma Entertainment. She is best known for playing Elaina in Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 3. Her last credited role was in 2002. Filmography Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part II: Subhumanoid… read more »

Anna Kanakis

Anna Kanakis is a Greek-Italian actress who starred in a wide range of B-movie films, mostly shot in Italy during the 80s. She has since become a cult icon in Italian film, most famous in America for Warriors of the Wasteland (also known as The New Barbarians). Biography Anna was born on February 1st, 1962… read more »

Mary Woronov

Mary Woronov is an actress best known for her roles in such classic ’80s horror films as Chopping Mall and Night of the Comet. Biography Mary was born on December 8th, 1943 in Palm Beach, Florida. She was adopted by her stepfather, a doctor in New York. She had a good education, attending Cornell, and first… read more »

Lana Clarkson

Lana Clarkson is an actress and model with famous roles in Deathstalker and Barbarian Queen. Biography Lana Jean Clarkson was born on April 5th, 1962 in Long Beach, California. She was raised in northern California, attending high school at Cloverdale High. Her father died in the winter of 1978, and she moved with her family… read more »

Janelle Brady

Janelle Brady is an actress known for her roles in the Troma B-movie classic Class Of Nuke ‘Em High and The Allnighter. Janelle Brady Biography Janelle Brady (also known as Jill) was born on September 23rd, 1962 as Janelle Christian. She began acting in various B-films and starred most notably in Class Of Nuke ‘Em… read more »

Pamela Springsteen

Pamela Springsteen is more than simply an actress. She is a pop culture icon woven into the tapestry of the 1980s. The sister to music legend Bruce Springsteen, she was already popular culture royalty, but in 1982 she made her cinematic debut in Fast Times at Ridgemont High – delivering a shining performance and claiming… read more »

Elizabeth Kaitan

Elizabeth Kaitan (now Elizabeth Ruiz) is an actress born on July 19th, 1960 in Hungary. After emigrating to America at the age of eight in 1968 with her mother, she became a model in New York City during the early 80s. Kaitan studied acting at the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts. She has since starred… read more »

Leesa Rowland

Leesa Rowland is an actress born in 1965 in Los Angeles, California. She is famous for appearing in cult movies, and has garnered a significant cult following. Leesa grew up in Austin, Texas. She attended Texas Tech for college, studying broadcast journalism. She studying acting at the Stella Adler studio in Hollywood, then began appearing… read more »

Dyanne Thorne

Dyanne Thorne is an actress born on October 14th, 1943 in Greenwich, Connecticut. She began her acting career as a New York stage actress, and after appearing on variety shows throughout the 60s, she started appearing in film roles. She acted in numerous films like the classic horror film Point of Terror in 1971 and… read more »

Monique Gabrielle

Monique Gabrielle is an actress and cult movie star who appeared in several B-movies like Deathstalker II, and has since become a cult movie icon. Biography Monique Gabrielle was born as Katherine Gonzalez on July 30th, 1963 in Kansas City, Missouri. She attended a private Christian school in Denver, where she grew up. She moved… read more »

Cindy Manion

Cindy Manion is an actress best known as a scream queen in 80s horror films for Troma Entertainment like Blow Out (1981), The Toxic Avenger (1984), Preppies (1984) and Troma’s Edge TV. She retired from acting and now works as an executive for a multinational corporation. She lives in Washington, DC. Filmography Blow Out (1981) as… read more »

Evelyne Kraft

Evelyne Kraft, also known as Evelyn Kraft and Evelin Force, was an actress born on September 22nd, 1951 in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a classic B-movie star appearing in epic classics like The Mighty Peking Man (1977) and Lady Dracula. Evelyne’s debut in film was in 1972 alongside the famous actress Anota Ekberg in Casa… read more »

Suzanne Snyder

Suzanne Snyder was born in Park Ridge, Illinois on October 22nd, 1962. She is an unforgettable cult celebrity appearing in some truly iconic ’80s movies like Weird Science (1985), Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) and Return of the Living Dead (1988), and The Last Starfighter. Suzanne appeared in a string of films through the… read more »