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Elizabeth Kaitan

Elizabeth Kaitan (now Elizabeth Ruiz) is an actress born on July 19th, 1960 in Hungary. After emigrating to America at the age of eight in 1968 with her mother, she became a model in New York City during the early 80s. Kaitan studied acting at the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts. She has since starred… read more »

Leesa Rowland

Leesa Rowland is an actress born in 1965 in Los Angeles, California. She is famous for appearing in cult movies, and has garnered a significant cult following. Leesa grew up in Austin, Texas. She attended Texas Tech for college, studying broadcast journalism. She studying acting at the Stella Adler studio in Hollywood, then began appearing… read more »

Dyanne Thorne

Dyanne Thorne is an actress born on October 14th, 1943 in Greenwich, Connecticut. She began her acting career as a New York stage actress, and after appearing on variety shows throughout the 60s, she started appearing in film roles. She acted in numerous films like the classic horror film Point of Terror in 1971 and… read more »

Monique Gabrielle

Monique Gabrielle is an actress and cult movie star who appeared in several B-movies like Deathstalker II, and has since become a cult movie icon. Biography Monique Gabrielle was born as Katherine Gonzalez on July 30th, 1963 in Kansas City, Missouri. She attended a private Christian school in Denver, where she grew up. She moved… read more »

Cindy Manion

Cindy Manion is an actress best known as a scream queen in 80s horror films for Troma Entertainment like Blow Out (1981), The Toxic Avenger (1984), Preppies (1984) and Troma’s Edge TV. She retired from acting and now works as an executive for a multinational corporation. She lives in Washington, DC. Filmography Blow Out (1981) as… read more »

Evelyne Kraft

Evelyne Kraft, also known as Evelyn Kraft and Evelin Force, was an actress born on September 22nd, 1951 in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a classic B-movie star appearing in epic classics like The Mighty Peking Man (1977) and Lady Dracula. Evelyne’s debut in film was in 1972 alongside the famous actress Anota Ekberg in Casa… read more »

Suzanne Snyder

Suzanne Snyder was born in Park Ridge, Illinois on October 22nd, 1962. She is an unforgettable cult celebrity appearing in some truly iconic ’80s movies like Weird Science (1985), Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) and Return of the Living Dead (1988), and The Last Starfighter. Suzanne appeared in a string of films through the… read more »

Dana Kimmell

Dana Kimmell was born in Texarkana, Arkansas on October 26th, 1959. She got her start in the 1970s doing commercials and then getting her big break into television with the 1980s show Texas. Dana is most famous for a career starring in classic horror films like Friday the 13th Part III (1982) and Sweet Sixteen (1983), but… read more »

Val Kline

Val Kline is a former actress known for her role in The Beach Girls (1982). She has only appeared in one film, the Bud Townsend-directed The Beach Girls alongside 80s B-list actresses Debra Blee and Jeana Keough. Since then, she has not appeared in any other known films or television shows, and is assumed to… read more »

Linda Carol

Linda Carol was born in Boston, Massachusetts on February 9th, 1970.  She is best known for B-list movies like Reform School Girls (1986), Back to the Beach (1987) and Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers (1989). Linda appeared in low-budget movies throughout the 80s and 90s. It was said that she met a member of the Mafia while living in… read more »

Traci Lords

Traci Lords (originally Nora Louise Kuzma) was born on May 7th, 1968 in Steubenville, Ohio. She is nothing short of a legend of the silver screen. She has somehow found a way to fill her one life up with several lives. She has had many incarnations. She has lived a fantastical life that seems more like fiction… read more »

Debra Blee

Debra Blee was born on June 8th, 1958 in Orange County, and is a star of both film and stage. She was born in 1958 and was classically trained in theater at Berkeley where she starred in numerous stage productions – delivering show-stopping stage performances that earned her immediate recognition and widespread acclaim. In the… read more »

Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough (also credited as Jeana Tomasina) is an actress known for her appearances in The Beach Girls, The Capture of Bigfoot, Looker, and several other movies throughout the 1980s. Biography Jeana Ellen Tomasino was born in Milwaukee on September 18th, 1955. She graduated from Whitnall High School. She first gained work in the modeling industry, appearing… read more »

Darlanne Fluegel

Darlanne Fluegel is an actress best known for appearing in cult classic films throughout the 80s and 90s like Battle Beyond The Stars and To Live And Die In L.A. Biography Darlanne Fluegel was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA on November 25th, 1953. She had a successful modeling career, starting from 1974, working for Ford Models and Zoli… read more »

Aleisa Shirley

Aleisa Shirley is an actress best known for appearing in cult classic films throughout the 80s and 90s like Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone, and Deadly Nightmares. Biography Aleisa Shirley was born in Los Angeles on March 22nd, 1963. Her middle name is “Ann”. She first appeared in Sweet Sixteen in 1983, and quickly… read more »

Catherine Mary Stewart

Catherine Mary Stewart is an actress best known for appearing in cult classic films throughout the 80s and 90s like Night of the Comet, World Gone Wild, and The Last Starfighter. Biography Catherine Mary Stewart was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on April 22nd, 1959. Her parents were professors at the University of Alberta. She began dancing… read more »

Kelli Maroney

Kelli Maroney is an actress best known for appearing in cult classic films throughout the 80s and 90s like Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Chopping Mall, Night of the Comet, and the soap opera Ryan’s Hope. Biography Kelli Maroney was born on December 30th, 1965. She began acting on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope in 1979… read more »

Michelle Moffett

Michelle Moffett is an actress best known for appearing in Deathstalker IV and Hired To Kill, among other movies in the 80s and early 90s. Biography Michelle Moffett first appeared in a television series named Deadly Nightmares in 1987. Her first major role was in the film Hired To Kill in 1990, where she appears along… read more »

Susan Dey

Susan Dey is an actress best known for appearing in The Partridge Family sitcom during the 1970s, but she also appeared in B-movies and television movies (like Looker) throughout the 80s and 90s. Biography Susan Hallock Dey was born on December 10th, 1952 in Pekin, Illinois. Her parents were a nurse and a newspaper editor. Her… read more »

Claudia Inchaurregui

Claudia Inchaurregui is an actress best known for appearing in Deathstalker III: The Warriors from Hell and other b-movies in the 80s and 90s. Biography Claudia Inchaurregui was born in Mexico. First appearing in the third movie of the Roger Corman-produced Deathstalker series, which was filmed in Argentina, she since appeared in various television shows… read more »