Mark of Death (2017)

After seeing some amazing interest in producer/director Matt Spease’s Then The Night Comes, Stu and I decided we needed to review another one of Dark Night Film’s recent movies, Mark of Death. The latest sequel to his Evil On Queen Street series of films, a lengthy series of movies which stretches back to seventeen years… read more »

Top 10 Sword & Sorcery Films Of All Time

You hate them or you love them, or more likely, you love to hate them. Sword and sorcery movies are a unique genre. They have some of the most clichéd characters and plot lines ever: but that’s sort of the point. A humble barbarian who comes in to save the day for a captured princess…. read more »

Then The Night Comes (2018)

I’ve seen a lot of low-budget films. Late-night binges on direct-to-video finds. Countless backwoods film festivals. Student films made on shoestring budgets in back alleys in Hollywood during film school.  Usually, these films lack a lot. They lack polished story, compelling characters, originality, or simply aren’t very self-aware.  Then The Night Comes, from producer/director Matt… read more »

Cult Classic Mania – a new cult movie podcast

Our post this week comes from Cult Classic Mania, a cult movie podcast dedicated to low-budget films for B-movie fans. Visit Cult Classic Mania’s Facebook page to keep up with new updates (a new episode every Monday!). Now in it’s fourth episode, you can listen to Cult Classic Mania on the following platforms: iTunes Stitcher… read more »

Banzai, Lightsabers, and Childhood Nostalgia

All I could remember was some sort of really fast car, and an alien egg on the bottom of the vehicle, and the fact that the car was so fast it went through a mountain – or so I remembered. For most of my life as a child, I had this memory of a bizarre… read more »


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