The 9 Most Iconic Scream Queens of All-Time

The 9 most iconic scream queens of all-time listed here. From Sheryl Lee to Linnea Quigley. See if your favorite made the cut.     Sheryl Lee in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks   Sheryl Lee is an American actress most famous for her role as Laura Palmer in the mind-bending David Lynch production Twin Peaks… read more »

List of Sword-and-Sorcery Actresses

  Anya Pencheva Anya Pencheva is a Bulgarian actress famous for her sword and sorcery film Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans (1991) with Rick Hill, Michelle Moffett and Maria Ford.   Carla Herd Carla Herd is an actress known for her role in Deathstalker III: Warriors from Hell (1988) with John Allen Nelson and Thom Chtistopher…. read more »

Most Excellent Sword Fights in Movie History

People say life is short. But those people are stupid.  Life is long. Really long. And boring. Like 98% long and boring. It’s The English Patient of cosmic events. And when the monotonous road of life drones on for too long, these movies always give me a festive kick in the pants when I need it the most. Here… read more »

List of 1980s Kung Fu Movies

The 1980s were an undeniably cool time for kung fu films. Like Burt Reynolds circa 1970 kind of cool. Sadly, that level of kung-fu cool was hard to maintain and it eventually went the way of Tab cola and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.   Miami Connection (1987) Miami Connection (1987) is a kung-fu action film… read more »

List of 1986 Films From Cult Celebrities

From randy high-schoolers locked in a mall overnight, stalked and killed…one by one by a sentient robot… To a high school student body of radioactive mutants. All the way to a leather-wearing reform-school dominatrix with a riding crop. The year of 1986 was an unforgettable period in cult cinema. Here’s a look at some of our favorite… read more »

Top 7 Italian Sword & Sorcery Films

Italian sword & sorcery films found fertile ground in the 1980s to propagate producing a whole slew of swashbuckling sword and sandal films. Sit back and enjoy as we rank them here.  Italian Sword & Sorcery Films Ironmaster (1983) The 1983 Italian sword & sorcery film Ironmaster, also known as La guerra del ferro, is… read more »

Interview With A Filmmaker: Hank Kellerman

Earlier this summer, I was browsing Reddit as one does when one wants to waste an entire afternoon, when I saw a teaser trailer that confounded the crap out of me. Before I go any further, just watch it for yourself: Yeah, weird right? Is that last egg an…avocado? I’m not sure. Well, today we’re… read more »

7 Ways To Promote Your Indie Film

At Cult Celebrities, we dive deep into the world of underground film every single day. Although our bread & butter around here is reviewing weird old movies from the 80s and 90s (usually the sorts of films you see on late-night television, or strange VHS videotapes you find in K-mart bargain bins) we’ve also done… read more »

Indestructible: Reckoning (2019) Movie Review

We’ve covered the horror films of independent filmmaker Matt Spease previously on Cult Celebrities, specifically on 2017’s Mark of Death and 2018’s Then The Night Comes. We cover a lot of movies within the horror genre here, and low-budget indie films are par for the course. Oftentimes, the most underground and independent films are some… read more »

List of 1981 Films From Cult Celebrities

The year 1981 was a great year for films. However, this is Cult Celebrities, so we can’t give you a list of mainstream movies from 1981 like Raiders of the Lost Ark or Chariots of Fire. Everybody watches those. We gotta go real obscure here. So to kick things off, let’s start with some of… read more »

The Life Of Ron Ormond, Producer of Christian Exploitation Films

Today, we’re super excited to have a guest post authored by the mind behind Vacation Bible School, the YouTube channel, blog, and podcast devoted to the nostalgia of middle-America evangelicism from the 80s and 90s. I’m a huge personal fan of vaporwave, an obscurish form of nostalgic electronic music, and if you happened to also… read more »

80s Slasher Films, Ranked Best to Worst

Today we’ve got a guest writer on the blog! I’d like to welcome Matthew, a rabid cult movie fan who runs a weekly podcast called Cult Classic Mania. We’ll include some links at the end of the article, but for now, enjoy his post! The 80’s was regarded as one of the best eras of… read more »

Top 5 Scream Queens of the 1980s

Scream queens: the term comes from the 1950s and before, when movies like the Universal Monster pictures cast beautiful women who were slightly one-dimensional and lacked significant depth, but screamed loudly and served as the impetus for introducing horror into the film. A fixture of horror films, as movies changed and horror became more common… read more »

Interview With A Filmmaker: Matt Spease

Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Spease, an Arkansas-based director of cult horror films. We reviewed one of his latest films, 2018’s Then The Night Comes, a couple months back. Tell us a little bit about your beginnings. Your origin story, so to speak. How did you get into filmmaking, and… read more »

Top 10 B-Movies Of The 1990s

Although it seems like most cult classic B-movies come from the 1980s or 1970’s, when film making finally came into reach of younger directors with lower budgets, there are a lot of films in the 1990’s that are equally as – bad good? The 70’s and 80’s were, in large part, a great time for… read more »

Mark of Death (2017)

After seeing some amazing interest in producer/director Matt Spease’s Then The Night Comes, Stu and I decided we needed to review another one of Dark Night Film’s recent movies, Mark of Death. The latest sequel to his Evil On Queen Street series of films, a lengthy series of movies which stretches back to seventeen years… read more »

Top 10 Sword & Sorcery Films Of All Time

You hate them or you love them, or more likely, you love to hate them. Sword and sorcery movies are a unique genre. They have some of the most clichéd characters and plot lines ever: but that’s sort of the point. A humble barbarian who comes in to save the day for a captured princess…. read more »

Then The Night Comes (2018)

I’ve seen a lot of low-budget films. Late-night binges on direct-to-video finds. Countless backwoods film festivals. Student films made on shoestring budgets in back alleys in Hollywood during film school.  Usually, these films lack a lot. They lack polished story, compelling characters, originality, or simply aren’t very self-aware.  Then The Night Comes, from producer/director Matt… read more »

Cult Classic Mania – a new cult movie podcast

Our post this week comes from Cult Classic Mania, a cult movie podcast dedicated to low-budget films for B-movie fans. Visit Cult Classic Mania’s Facebook page to keep up with new updates (a new episode every Monday!). Now in it’s fourth episode, you can listen to Cult Classic Mania on the following platforms: iTunes Stitcher… read more »

Banzai, Lightsabers, and Childhood Nostalgia

All I could remember was some sort of really fast car, and an alien egg on the bottom of the vehicle, and the fact that the car was so fast it went through a mountain – or so I remembered. For most of my life as a child, I had this memory of a bizarre… read more »