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Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress is a Swiss actress widely known for roles in such films as The 10th Victim (1965) and Casino Royale (1967).   Filmography An American in Rome (1954) Sins of Casanova (1955) La catena dell’odio (1955) Dr. No (1962) 4 for Texas (1963) Fun in Acapulco (1963) She (I) (1965) The 10th Victim (1965)… read more »

Antonia Dorian

Antonia Dorian is an actress famous for her roles in such movies as Dinosaur Island (1994) and Sorceress (1995) where she costarred with Toni Naples.     Filmography Little Miss Millions (1993) Dinosaur Island (1994) Munchie Strikes Back (1994) Sorceress (1995) Hard Bounty (1995) Midnight Tease II (1995) Some Nudity Required (1998) The Bare Wench… read more »

Soledad Miranda

Soledad Miranda is a Spanish actress known for her roles in such films as Shame (1963), The Black Cats (1964) and Vampyros Lesbos (1971) where she costarred with Ewa Strömberg.       Filmography Queen of the Tabarin Club (1960) Ursus (1961) Beautiful Mimi (1961) Cradle Song (1961) The Castilian (1963) The Daughters of Helena… read more »

Ewa Strömberg

Ewa Strömberg is a Swedish actress best known for her roles in such films as She Killed in Ecstasy (1971) and Vampyros Lesbos (1971) where she costarred alongside Soledad Miranda.   Filmography Raggare! (1959) Ryttare i blått (1959) To Bed or Not to Bed (1963) Anna, My Darling (1965) The College Girl Murders (1967) Mördaren… read more »

Franco Nero

Franco Nero is an Italian actor best known for his performances in The Visitor (1979), Enter the Ninja (1981) and The Salamander (1981), where he costarred alongside with Sybil Danning and Anthony Quinn. . Filmography The Battle of Neretva (1969) Detective Belli (1969) Tristana (1970) Companeros (1970) Dropout (1970) The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)… read more »

Colette Giacobine

Colette Giacobine is an actress best known for her performances in such movies as Count Dracula (1970) and Les cauchemars naissent la nuit (1972) (also known as Nightmares Come at Night) where she costarred with Soledad Miranda.       Filmography Turistas y bribones (1969) El abogado, el alcalde y el notario (1969) Count Dracula… read more »

Annette Stroyberg

Annette Stroyberg is a Danish actress best known for her performances in such films as Blood and Roses (1960) and Anima nera (1962).     Filmography Les liaisons dangereuses (1959) Blood and Roses (1960) Testament of Orpheus (1960) Trapped by Fear (1960) Il carabiniere a cavallo (1961) Il Sorpasso (1962) Anima nera (1962) Beach Casanova… read more »

Elsa Martinelli

Elsa Martinelli is an Italian actress best known for her roles in such films as Blood and Roses (1960) and Hatari! (1962).   Filmography Se vincessi cento milioni (1953) The Red and the Black (1954) The Indian Fighter (1955) Rice Girl (1956) Donatella (1956) Stowaway Girl (1957) Four Girls in Town (1957) The Mine (1958)… read more »

Dagmar Lassander

Dagmar Lassander is a German actress known for her performances in such films as The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (1970), Peccati di gioventù (1975) and many more. Mythically beautiful? Absolutely. But she was no shrinking violet. Militantly self-reliant. Her statuesque beauty is matched only by her acting prowess. A keen observer of… read more »

Barbara Alyn Woods

Barbara Alyn Woods is an actress born on March 11th, 1962 in Chicago. She attended Hinsdale South High School and later Northern Illinois University. She started her acting career in 1988 and began starring in roles on television. She is perhaps best known for appearing in One Tree Hill. Her other appearances include Star Trek:… read more »

Angel Tompkins

Angel Tompkins is an American actress well known for her roles in such films as Alligator (1980) and The Naked Cage (1986).       Filmography Hang Your Hat on the Wind (1969) I Love My Wife (1970) Prime Cut (1972) The Don Is Dead (1973) Little Cigars (1973) The Teacher (1974) How to Seduce… read more »

Shari Shattuck

Shari Shattuck was born on November 18th, 1960. She is an American actress known for her roles in such movies as The Naked Cage (1986), Desert Warrior (1988) and Death Spa (1989). Born in Atlanta, she began modeling and appearing in music videos. She has been married twice, and has two daughters. She now produces… read more »

Gloria Guida

Gloria Guida is an Italian born actress. Born on November 19th 1955, she is famous for her roles in such films as That Malicious Age (1975) and The Bermuda Triangle (1978). Gloria was born in Merano, and grew up in Bologna. She started singing and eventually moved into modeling, where she won Miss Teen Italy… read more »

Michael Dudikoff

Michael Dudikoff is an American actor known for his performances in such films as TRON (1982), American Ninja (1985) and Air America (1990).       Filmography The Black Marble (1980) Bloody Birthday (1981) TRON (1982) Making Love (1982) I Ought to Be in Pictures (1982) Uncommon Valor (1983) Bachelor Party (1984) American Ninja (1985)… read more »

Steve James

Steve James is an American actor famous for his roles in films such as The Warriors (1979), Weird Science (1985) and American Ninja (1985).       Filmography The Land That Time Forgot (1974) The Education of Sonny Carson (1974) The Wiz (1978) Oliver’s Story (1978) Enter the Game of Death (1978) The Warriors (1979)… read more »

Dawn Dunlap

Dawn Dunlap is an  American actress famous for her roles in such films as Laura (1979), Forbidden World (1982) and Barbarian Queen (1985) costarring alongside June Chadwick and Lana Clarkson respectively.   Filmography Laura (1979) Liar’s Moon (1981) Forbidden World (1982) Night Shift (1982) Heartbreaker (1983) Barbarian Queen (1985)   Gallery StuStu has a bachelor’s… read more »

Angelique Pettyjohn

Angelique Pettyjohn is an American actress born as Dorothy Lee Perrins on March 11th, 1943 in Los Angeles. She is best known for roles in such movies as The Odd Couple (1968), Repo Man (1984) and Biohazard (1985). She was raised in Salt Lake City, and moved to Los Angeles at an early age for an… read more »

Olga Schoberová

Olga Schoberová (also credited as Olinka Bérová in some films) was born on March 15th, 1943. She is a Czechoslovakian born actress famous for roles in such films as Lucrezia (1968), The Vengeance of She (1968) and Poppea’s Hot Nights (1969). She appeared in a long string of movies filmed in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy and America…. read more »

Yutte Stensgaard

Yutte Stensgaard was born on May 14th 1946 in Denmark. She is a Danish actress famous for her roles in films such as Zeta One (1969), The Buttercup Chain (1970) and Lust for a Vampire (1971). She moved to the UK in 1963 to learn English, and worked as a nanny and model before transitioning… read more »

Chuck Wagner

Chuck Wagner is an actor born on born June 20th, 1958 in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a beloved actor of both TV and film famous for roles in such films as America 3000 (1986) and The Sisterhood (1988). Beginning in theater, working his way into Broadway productions, and then transitioning into film, he began taking… read more »