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Producers, writers, directors, studios and production companies in the filmmaking industry that have seen success in reaching cult followings.

Clint Howard

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Clint Howard was born in Burbank, CA on April 20th, 1959. He is the younger brother of Ron Howard. Clint Howard Biography Clint appeared in… Read More »Clint Howard

David Lynch in Twin Peaks (1990)

David Lynch

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David Lynch is an iconoclastic American writer, director and actor. Acclaimed the world over for his entrancing off-center films like Blue Velvet (1986) and Twin… Read More »David Lynch

Charles Band

Charles Band is a film director born in Los Angeles on December 27th, 1951. He famous for his decades-long production of B-movies and direct-to-video films, and… Read More »Charles Band

Tim Kincaid

Tim Kincaid

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Tim Kincaid is an American director known for such films as Necropolis (1986) with LeeAnne Baker and Robot Holocaust (1986) with Nadine Hartstein and Angelika… Read More »Tim Kincaid

J.R. Bookwalter

JR Bookwalter

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JR Bookwalter is an American filmmaker known for movies like Murder Weapon (1989) and Robot Ninja (1989) with Michael Todd, Burt Ward, James L. Edwards, Bogdan… Read More »JR Bookwalter