Terri Treas

Terri Treas is an actress known for her film roles in cult classic movies like Deathstalker III: Warriors From Hell as well as Ladykiller, Yankee Zulu, and House IV.


Terri Treas was born on July 19th, 1957 in Kansas. Born in Kansas City, she started acting in the late 1970s. Her first feature film role was in All That Jazz in 1979.

She has also played in numerous Broadway shows and TV shows, including Knight Rider, Matlock, Roseanne, The A-Team, and Alien Nation in the role of Cathy Frankel.

She is married to writer and actor Michael Zand, and had a daughter named Jessamin in 1996.


Terri has starred in these films:

All That Jazz (1979) as Fan Dancer
Headin’ for Broadway (1980)
So Fine (1981)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) as the Chicken Ranch Girl
Deathstalker III: Warriors From Hell (1988) as Camisarde
The Nest (1988) as Dr. Morgan Hubbard
The Terror Within (1989) as Linda
House IV (1992)
Yankee Zulu (1993) as Rowena
Ladykiller (1996)




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