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Cannon Films

Cannon Films, also known as The Cannon Group Inc, was a film studio that produced low-budget films from 1967 to 1994. Their movies include famous Chuck Norris action movies and the American Ninja series. The group eventually built up a large portfolio of cinemas, film rights, distributors, and other assets within the entertainment industry. The… read more »

Troma Entertainment

Troma Entertainment (also known as Troma Studios or simply Troma) is a film studio founded in 1974 that is renowned for their cult films and B-movies. Founded by two Yale University graduates, the movie began by acquiring distribution rights for burgeoning film stars, and expanded into creating low-budget, independent, mainly horror films. The studio is… read more »

The Asylum

The Asylum is a production company that specializes in low-budget films that are often ripoffs of mainstream Hollywood feature films. Their technique of using themes and names that are sometimes just a few characters different from the real titles has gained them success in direct-to-video and bargain-bin film production. They consistently see profits from every… read more »