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Cotton Comes To Harlem (1970)

The 1970 film Cotton Comes To Harlem is a blaxploitation film that was written and directed by Ossie Davis. The movie stars Raymond St. Jacques and Redd Foxx, and was one of the most commercially successful films in the 1970s for black audiences.   Cotton Comes To Harlem (1970) Cast Calvin Lockhart  Cleavon Little  Dick Sabol … read more »

Hell Up In Harlem (1973)

The 1973 film Hell Up In Harlem is a blaxploitation film known as a “black version of the Godfather”. The movie, a sequel to Black Caesar, was written and directed by Larry Cohen, and has a motown/funk soundtrack. The movie stars Fred Williamson and Margaret Avery. Hell Up In Harlem (1973) Plot Tommy Gibbs (played… read more »

Cobra Nero (1987)

The 1987 film Cobra Nero, also known as Black Cobra, is an Italian ripoff of Cobra starring Sylvester Stallone. The Italian version has an identical plot, and stars Fred Williamson and Sabrina Siani. The movie series is four blaxploitation films directed by Stelvio Massi, Edoardo Margheriti, and Umberto Lenzi. Plot Summary A police detective, Robert Malone (played… read more »

Warriors of the Wasteland (1983)

The 1983 film Warriors of the Wasteland (also known as The New Barbarians and I nuovi barbari) is a post-apocalyptic film that was produced in Italy and later distributed in the United States. It was filmed in several months just outside Rome and stars Giancarlo Prete, Fred Williamson, George Eastman, Massimo Vanni, Anna Kanakis, Ennio Girolami and… read more »