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Ugandan Action Film Competition

The Ugandan Action Film Competition is our mission to fund an original action film produced entirely within Uganda.

There are two phases to the competition: trailer submission, and movie production.

PHASE 1: Trailer Production

We will pick 3 Ugandan filmmakers to create a 3-5 minute movie trailer of their choice. We will provide each filmmaker with $100 USD (approximately 375,000 UGX) for production of their short.

PHASE 2: Film Production

Of these three submissions, we will pick one filmmaker to sign a contract for the production of one full-length action film at least 1 hour in length. We will fund the entire production. In addition to the funding received from Cult Celebrities, the filmmaker will retain all Ugandan rights.

What Support Will Cult Celebrities Offer?

  • We will fund the entire pre-production, production, and post-production costs and salaries for the film.
  • We will provide post-production assistance in visual effects and editing.
  • We will help distribute the film in the United States, and use our platform of cult movie enthusiasts to promote both the film, the directors, and the Ugandan filmmaking industry.
  • 100% of profits from the film (after production costs are covered) will be re-invested into the Ugandan filmmaking community.


A Message From Our Cofounder

I have a unique affinity for Ugandan cinema. After I attended film school in Hollywood for a summer, I went into documentary filmmaking. I traveled the world producing micro-documentary films for NGOs. After traveling to 45+ countries, I still have some of my fondest memories in Kampala and Jinja.

I first discovered the Ugandan love of film in a little bootleg movie shop on Main Street in Jinja…walls covered in printed-out DVD covers. The internet in the early 2010s wasn’t great, so the only way I could watch anything on my laptop was to go select one of the DVD covers and buy a ripped DVD from the fellow sitting at a burner.

After watching some of the fantastic action films coming out of Uganda, my cofounder Stu and I were inspired to help fund even more productions, enabling Ugandans to make even more movies.

– Gil

Apply Now

Are you a Ugandan filmmaker, and interested in joining the initial competition for the production of a movie trailer? Apply now, and we will select 3 filmmakers for the $100 trailer production phase. Applicants who include a link to their previous work will be given priority consideration.