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List of Sword-and-Sorcery Actresses

  Anya Pencheva Anya Pencheva is a Bulgarian actress famous for her sword and sorcery film Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans (1991) with Rick Hill, Michelle Moffett and Maria Ford.   Carla Herd Carla Herd is an actress known for her role in Deathstalker III: Warriors from Hell (1988) with John Allen Nelson and Thom Chtistopher…. read more »

Hot Moves (1984)

Hot Moves (1984) is a 1980’s coming of age teen comedy and an early forerunner for cheeky comedies like American Pie. Hot Moves was directed by Jim Sotos and stars Jill Schoelen, Monique Gabrielle and Deborah Richter.     Hot Moves (1984) Plot The crux of our story centers around four crazed teenage boys: Barry… read more »

Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991)

The 1991 film Scream Queen Hot Tub Party is a comedy and horror film directed by Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray. The movie was famously produced in a single day, and only has a runtime of 50 minutes. That said, the movie has become a huge cult classic, successful mainly on the merit of casting… read more »

Monique Gabrielle

Monique Gabrielle is a breathtakingly beautiful actress who has been beguiling audiences for decades. Starring in films like sword-and-sorcery classic Deathstalker II and has since become a cult movie icon. Monique Gabrielle Biography Monique Gabrielle was born as Katherine Gonzalez on July 30th, 1963 in Kansas City, Missouri. She attended a private Christian school in Denver, where… read more »

Not of This Earth (1988)

Not of This Earth is a 1988 science fiction remake of a 1957 Roger Corman classic. Starring Traci Lords, Roger Lodge, Kelli Maroney, Becky LeBeau and Monique Gabrielle. The film was directed by the legendary Jim Wynorski who also directed such classics as Piranahaconda, Hard to Die and Chopping Mall to name a few. Not of… read more »

Hard to Die (1990)

Hard to Die is a 1990 horror movie produced by Roger Corman and directed by Jim Wynorski and stars Karen Mayo-Chandler, Gail Thackray, Deborah Dutch, Kelli Maroney, Melissa Moore, Peter Spellos, Bridget Carney and Toni Naples. After seeing Sorority House Massacre II (a movie produced by his wife) the famous B-movie producer Roger Corman tasked… read more »

Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

The 1987 sci-fi comedy film Amazon Women On The Moon is a parody of low-budget films that was produced by John Landis and Robert K Weiss. It stars a large ensemble cast including Carrie Fisher, Sybil Danning, Michelle Pfeiffer, Monique Gabrielle, B.B. King, Corinne Wahl, Steve Guttenberg, Joe Pantoliano, Arsenio Hall, Rosanna Arquette, Joey Travolta, and more. Amazon Women… read more »

Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans (1987)

The 1987 film Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans is a low-budget sword and sorcery film. It is the second in a series of four fantasy movies (including Deathstalker, Deathstalker III: The Warriors from Hell, and Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans) produced by Roger Corman. The film has become a cult classic. Corman had a contract to… read more »