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Hot Moves (1984)

Hot Moves (1984) is a 1980s coming of age teen comedy directed by Jim Sotos (who also directed the 1980s horror classic Sweet Sixteen with Aleisa Shirley and Dana Kimmell). Hot Moves stars Deborah Richter, Jill Schoelen, Monique Gabrielle, Michael Zorek, Adam Silbar and Jeff Fishman. Hot Moves is an early forerunner for such cheeky… read more »

Jill Schoelen

The actress Jill Schoelen was born in Burbank, California on March 21st, 1963. She is famed for her appearances in horror films, for dating Keanu Reeves, and for once being engaged to Brad Pitt. Known as a scream queen, Jill was the daughter of a fashion designer Dorothy Schoelen and first began acting on television… read more »