Welcome to the Cult Celebrities Forum!

gilgildnergilgildner Posts: 12Cult Leader
Hi guys, welcome to the forum! Please feel free to browse around and enjoy the discussions. As you can imagine, we're a weird yet pretty chill group, so there aren't any major rules per se. Just be normal and nice to each other.

Also, welcome the newcomers. Even if they consider Star Wars to be a cult film. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.



  • SilverPolisherSilverPolisher Posts: 9Cult Member
    edited July 2019
    Hi all, I'm SilverPolisher and I'm a longtime fan of Cult Celebrities and when I saw on Reddit this forum was launched I was the first to come over here. Do I win a prize? Lol.

    Some of the things I enjoy are sci-fi (all periods and types honestly) and exploitation films, especially blaxploitation etc with my favorite actor being Fred Williamson in some of the Italian flicks.

    Cult movies are my life and I collect VHS covers. I'll upload some pics one day!
  • joedaddy77joedaddy77 Posts: 7Cult Member
    Hey nerds. I'm Joe. Nice to see y'all.
  • gilgildnergilgildner Posts: 12Cult Leader

    Welcome SilverPolisher and Joe!

  • OlvBrshFnOlvBrshFn Posts: 7Cult Member

    Hello lovelies,
    I'm O, and super excited to find this forum. I've been lurking a few days but I am such a cult film nerd that I think I'll enjoy this place. I'm an Olivia Barash fan (as you can tell by my username and ALSO my real name happens to be Olivia) but anyway, good to meet you guys and I'm sure it'll be lovely.

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