What's your favorite sci-fi film of all time?

gilgildnergilgildner Posts: 12Cult Leader
Mine is Alien (1979).


  • joedaddy77joedaddy77 Posts: 7Cult Member
    Oh, mine would probably have to be Starship Troopers. It's just so good. It's a real movie unlike the ripoffs trying to go into a marine Hoo-ah mode. Prove me wrong.
  • OlvBrshFnOlvBrshFn Posts: 7Cult Member
    Repo Man, or Galaxy Quest. I'm lighthearted what can I say ;)
  • SilverPolisherSilverPolisher Posts: 9Cult Member
    Haha @OlvBrshFn of course you are. Repo Man...ugh, ok, but we won't argue about it here...
    Mine is definitely Moontrap. I think it's supremely underrated as a film. Plus, Leigh Lombardi am I right? https://www.cultcelebrities.com/moontrap-1989/
  • gilgildnergilgildner Posts: 12Cult Leader
    All solid picks. I can't say I enjoyed Starship Troopers, but hey, to each his own.

    A close second for me would be Blade Runner.
  • SilverPolisherSilverPolisher Posts: 9Cult Member

    Blade Runner....ugh I guess but it's so shtick by now isn't it?

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